Monolithic Glass

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The Solarcool family of reflective coated glass was introduced in 1972 and for more than 40 years has enhanced the appearance of thousands of buildings and the comfort of millions of their inhabitants.
Solarcool glasses can be glazed with the reflective coating positioned on either the first or second surface. The glass has improved performance and higher exterior visible-reflectivity with a metallic sheen when installed with the coating on the first surface.
Combined in a 1-inch insulating glass unit with clear glass, Solarcool glasses offer an expansive palette of appearance and performance options with solar heat gain coefficients (SHGCs) ranging from 0.34 to 0.14 and exterior reflectance of up to 37 percent.


Vistacool subtly reflective color-enriched glass transmits generous levels of visible light and provides color neutrality. This amplifies and enriches the tint of the glass substrate underneath without giving it a mirror-like appearance. More understated than traditional reflective glass, Vistacool glasses are available in two distinct tints—aqua-blue Azuria® and rich-blue Pacifica®. Vistacool glasses can be combined with Solarban® solar control Low-E glass or Sungate® 400 Low-E glass to achieve LSG ratios of as high as 1.66.

Eclipse Advantage

Pilkington Eclipse Advantage™ provides a range of good solar control performance on line-coated clear or body-tinted glass, with unique colors and low-emissivity properties.


With its neutral light transmission and clarity of appearance, SGG COOL-LITE solar control glass from Saint-Gobain enhances visual comfort by filtering light. The distinct sputter coating gives clear or tinted glass a slightly bluish external reflection that offers good solar control performance.

There are three series of SGG COOL-LITE coated glass:

  • SGG COOL-LITE SKN is a solar control glass range that provides excellent selectivity while retaining a neutral appearance.
  • SGG COOL-LITE K is a selective solar control glass with low-E properties.
  • SGG COOL-LITE ST is unique in that it can be toughened and curved after the coating has been applied.


  • Windows in traditional facades
  • Curtain wall
  • Exterior structural sealant glazing
  • Exterior bolted glass assemblies
  • Double-skin applications
  • Cladding of external walls
  • Overhead and atria glazing

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